Convertible car seat vs. Waste of money

I never thought that raising a child have that much challange. Okay, okay…I was a child once as well, and my parents had to do things for me too, but nowdays we got a lot more to take care of.

I love my son more than anything, but when I realised how often I have to buy new car seats in order to provide a confortable and safe way to carry him with my car… If I buy a car seat for him (he is 13 months old now), that won’t last only for 4-7 month and after that I have to buy an other, a bigger one…that’s ridicoulos.

After 10 minutes of swearing I realised how much would that cost until my son could use the normal seatbelt… and another 10 minutes of swearing…

I had to find an alternative solution…maybe a bank robbery…that could help… Fortunately I’m not that kind of man. So I forced myself to find an other way. One of my friends usually told me: “Google is your friend, ask him”. So I did. When I realised that some kind of car seat are specially made changable in order to adapt to the child’s size… an other 10 minutes of swearing…the vendor I asked about this topic told nothing about these convertible car seats…

Since the the whole knowledge base is within reach I started to dig deeper. My luck didn’t left me so I found a pretty good site less than 5 minutes, where I could get all the necessary information about finding the best convertible car seat for my son. If I’m counting right, with this product I can spare about $1500 in 6 years. So maybe everytime I change the position and settings of the car seat (means that my son growth enough) I’ll put the money which I spared, to the bank under the name of my son. That’ll be much better than leaving it to those very kind and very helpful vendors.

convertible car seat