Manliest gas range ever

Manliest gas range ever

To be a real man, you have to master several skills.

You have to know how to:

  • shave your face
  • drive a car (with manual transmission!)
  • raise a child
  • wear a suit properly
  • cook.

I still miss the last one and this is what hold me back to become a real man. But now it is the time to change.

In the past two weeks I started to take cooking lessons. To be honest I never thought that the gender ratio would be 50-50 in a training like that. Apart from my surprise it is very good. I already learned how to cook several simple meals.

We are at half time, and sooner or later we have to take an exam to show what we learned. In order to take this challenge, I have to practice at home as well. Unfortunately, I don’t have a gas range…

When I first thought about the idea of cooking for myself (and for my child) I already knew that I’ll need a gas range sometimes, but I didn’t take this step back then. But as I really enjoy cooking during the classes I’m sure that I’ll love it even more when they let me do whatever I want. So, I have to buy a gas range, that would support me during my journey. I’m going to make awesome foods, and maybe I won’t ruin the kitchen.

Unfortunately, the teachers never spoke about how to choose a gas range, so, I had to find it out alone. I did some research and realised that I previously had no idea what a good gas range is, or what are the most critical points of choosing one. But with my newly gathered knowledge I’m sure that I made the right decision when I chose a pretty cool, manly and maybe the best gas range from the production of GE: Pick My Gas Range – GE Gas Range Review

Everything is under control and the unit is going to arrive tomorrow. Maybe two weeks of exercising will be enough to pass the exam.

Wish me luck!

Convertible car seat vs. Waste of money

I never thought that raising a child have that much challange. Okay, okay…I was a child once as well, and my parents had to do things for me too, but nowdays we got a lot more to take care of.

I love my son more than anything, but when I realised how often I have to buy new car seats in order to provide a confortable and safe way to carry him with my car… If I buy a car seat for him (he is 13 months old now), that won’t last only for 4-7 month and after that I have to buy an other, a bigger one…that’s ridicoulos.

After 10 minutes of swearing I realised how much would that cost until my son could use the normal seatbelt… and another 10 minutes of swearing…

I had to find an alternative solution…maybe a bank robbery…that could help… Fortunately I’m not that kind of man. So I forced myself to find an other way. One of my friends usually told me: “Google is your friend, ask him”. So I did. When I realised that some kind of car seat are specially made changable in order to adapt to the child’s size… an other 10 minutes of swearing…the vendor I asked about this topic told nothing about these convertible car seats…

Since the the whole knowledge base is within reach I started to dig deeper. My luck didn’t left me so I found a pretty good site less than 5 minutes, where I could get all the necessary information about finding the best convertible car seat for my son. If I’m counting right, with this product I can spare about $1500 in 6 years. So maybe everytime I change the position and settings of the car seat (means that my son growth enough) I’ll put the money which I spared, to the bank under the name of my son. That’ll be much better than leaving it to those very kind and very helpful vendors.

convertible car seat